Awards gala, winners

On 1st December 2017, the Centre for the Meeting of Cultures in Lublin hosted the 3rd International Poster Biennale Lublin award gala. The event was organized by the Artistic Association Open Studio,  the Department of Arts at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University and the Centre for the Meeting of Cultures in Lublin.

200 works were qualified for the competition and shown at the accompanying exhibition. The exhibition, being distinctly varied, proved that poster art is still very much alive, even though advertising is nowadays dominated by television and the internet. Most works displayed high artistic value, intriguing ideas and strong messages. The subject matters of the posters were quite diversified, including film, music, theatre, exhibition or event poster. The artists also touched upon some major social problems. 

The Jury has awarded:

Category: Professionals

Grand Prix — Jacek Staniszewski

Gold Medal — Tomasz Bogusławski

Silver Medal — Ugur Altun

Bronze Medal — Dmitry Rekin

Special prize — Mirosław Adamczyk

Honourable mention — Zhongyang Li

Honourable mention — Dagmara Cieślica

Honourable mention — So Fujii

Honourable mention — Rikke Hansen

Category: Students

Grand Prix — Stefan Mijić

First prize / ex aequo — Jakub Jarzębowski 

First prize / ex aequo — Ekaterina Vysotskaya 

Second prize  — Bartosz Mamak 

Third prize / ex aequo — Meysam Hame Ei

Third prize / ex aequo — Elham Jahanfard

Prize  — Vlad Khvooostov

Prize  — Lena Pakulska

Prize  — Wei Hsuan Lin

Prize  — Boglárka Técsi

Category: 700TH Anniversary of the City of Lublin

Prize — Anna Żukowska-Zyśko

IPBL 2017 catalogue — pdf file ~47Mb

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