Byoung Il Sun

Byoung il- Sun was Born in Korea in 1958. He is a graphic designer based in Seoul. Since 1995, he has been a professor of Visual Information Design at Namseoul University. He won a number of international design awards. And over the years he has served in numerous international design juries, academic chairs. 


Doctoral degree 2005, Visual Communication Design, Hongik University, Korea. 


Graphis, Taiwan, Red dot, China-Italy design week, Gdie, Ekoplakt, Information war, World without violence, Reggae Poster Contest, Mandela Poster Project, Poster for tomorrow and 117 international selections with work.


Design Forum Chair / Hongik Communication Design Forum, Korea, 2011

Design Challenge Chair / Korea Institute of Packaging Culture Design, Korea, 2005

Jury Member

France Poster for tomorrow, Iran Red Ribbon International Poster Competition, Turkey Samsun International Poster Competition, Ukraine COW International Design Festival, China Adack International Poster Exhibition, Asia Next Poster Experimental Design Exhibition, Green+You International Poster Competition 2014. Korea International Poster Competition 2013.

Solo exhibition

Seoul, London, Japan Osaka, Nagoya, Akita, Beijing, Canberra

Poster Collections

Library of congress washington DC, USA, Moscow Golden Bee, Colorado University, Toyama, Mexico, Beijing, 4th Block kharkov, Modium museum Seoul, Iang gallery Seoul, Shunzen Museum China. Taiwan cpc center. etc

Doğan Arslan

Doğan Arslan was born in Mucur/Kırşehir/Turkey. He graduated from the Graphic Design department at the Art and Design Faculty, Gazi University, in 1993. At the same year, he started his master degree at the Graphic Design Department of Marmara University.

During this study, he got a scholarship and went to New York to study master at the Pratt Institute. He finished his degree in 2000. Following year, he went to London to study his Ph.D. at the University of East London. After receiving his doctorate degree from this university in 2007, he went back to New York. He worked as an Art Director/Designer in different companies Manhattan. He decided to go back to İstanbul in 2013 to teach and design. Currently he is the head of Visual Communication Design Department at the Art, Design and Architecture Faculty, İstanbul Medeniyet University.

His works were was awarded 25 times in national and international competitions, including, Graphis Gold Poster Annual 2018 as well as Graphis Silver Poster Annual 2017, first and third prices in Aydın Doğan Cartoon Competition, first winner of International Homer Davenport Days, Second winner in Nasrettin Hoca Cartoon Competition and etc. His works were chosen at the prestigious competitions and exhibitions like, Poster for Tomorrow, International Poster Biennial in Mexico, International Triennial of the Political Poster Show in Mons, Mut Zur Wut Poster Festival, Virtual Biennial Prague, 4th Block IX International Eco-Poster Triennial, Sarajevo 100 Poster Project, Jazz in Ruins,, Graphic Matters festival and etc.

He interested in art, design, illustration, cartoon and modern art. His works were published internationally in many publications/catalogues and exhibited in galleries and museums.

Li Xu

the founder and art director of Beijing Art A&B Design, He is an Assistant Professor of Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication, China. He is a project consultant of Virtual Biennale Prague 2015-Prague International Art & Design Exhibition.

Li Xu has lectured and taught workshop around the world. Li Xu is one of the founders and curator of The 1st International Poster Festival of Shenzhen and Zi Hui-US & China Typographic Poster Exchange Exhibition, Asia /Next - Poster Experimental Design Exhibition etc.

He has participated also as a member of the jury in nine international poster festivals and competitions in France, Greece and Serbia, South Korea, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Kyrgyz Republic, Italy, Mexico, Turkey.

Li Xu Solo design exhibitions were held at Seoul Iang Gallery, GuanShanYue Gallery, Alliance Francaise Bucaramanga of Senghor Gallery in Colombia AND Spotkania Kultur CSK Gallery in Poland, Australia Adelaide kerry packer Civic gallery.

Li Xu has received some important awards. Such as The first prize of AIGA(re)design Awards 2011, The Gold prize of IDA-International Design Awards 2012, Pentawards 2012 Bronze Award, The London Creative Awards 2011, The Honorary prize at the 2008 Olympic Digital Arts Exhibition of 2008 Olympic Fine Arts, The first prize at the 16th Asian Games in Guangzhou posters Design Competition, China, The Best Guide Award at the 2007 Design Against Fur competitions, The Honorary prize at the 26th Summer Universiade Mascot Design Contest. 

He also exhibited his works at many important biennial and triennial exhibitions in: Los Angeles, London, Warsaw, Teheran, Moscow, Prague, Hungary, Germany, Finland, Switzerland, Colombia, Italy, Mexico, Bolivia, Ukraine, south Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao, Shanghai, Hangzhou, etc.

Li Xu video presentation

Krzysztof Dydo

Krzysztof Dydo, born in 1945, is a collector, an expert on poster art and an owner of the Dydo Poster Collection showcasing both, Polish and international works. Since 1985, he has been running internationally renown Poster Gallery.

Dydo cooperates with cultural institutions, theatres, cinemas, museums, galleries, MOFA, as well as poster collectors around the world. Since 1975 he has organised over 600 exhibitions, both in Poland and virtually all European countries - from Ukraine and Russia to Spain and France. His collection also visited Australia, USA, Canada, Mexico, Turkey, Iran, Azerbaijan, China, Israel and Morocco. The most important and largest exhibitions, along with large catalogues of his authorship, took place in Krakow, among other such as: A Hundred Years of Polish Poster Art in 1993, A Hundred Years of Cinema in Poland – Polish Film Poster in 1996, Polish Theatrical Poster 1899 – 1999 in 2000, ABC Polish Contemporary Posters in 2014. Currently preparing an exhibition on the occasion of the Year of the Polish Theatre in 2015 in Opole, Kraków, Jelenia Gora, Sosnowiec, Valencia and Wellington.

Dydo organizes and seats on jury boards of many poster competitions, including the Biennale of Polish Poster in Katowice, the International Biennale of Theatrical Poster in Rzeszów, Internationale Socio-Political Poster Biennale in Oświęcim, the Polish Poster in Poznań, FETA, Stereotypes, Poster for Krakow, Poland in European Union and several other. He has also been a co-creator of the Krakow’s Poster Festival since 1999.

It is also author and co-author of numerous articles, catalogues, thematically related to the Polish poster art as well as albums such as: Masters of Polish poster Art - 1995; Polish Film Poster 1896-1996 - 1996; Posters 1989-2001 - 2001; Cartel Contemporaneo Polaco 1945-2006 (Contemporary Polish Poster 1945-2006) published in 2007 in Mexico, PLN 21 – Polish Poster Art of the 21th Century – 2008, Польская школа плаката (Polish Poster School) published in Russia and Tutto il Teatro in un manifesto (Whole Theater in a poster) – 2009, Italy as well as bulgarian Полският плакат & cцената (Polish poster and stage) and All that music Polish Music Posters 1899-2012 – 2012.

The Poster Gallery in Krakow (which was founded and open 1985) is an exhibition space as well as a meeting point for artists, designers and lovers of good, artistic poster. One can view or buy fine Polish posters in here. The Gallery offers over 2000 titles of theatrical, operatic, film, exhibition and music posters being the works of the best Polish artists of the last half century. The Gallery also issues publications related to the subject of poster art, organises competitions and promotes young artists.

Galeria Plakatu S.C.

ul. Stolarska 8-10, 31-043 Kraków
T/F + 48 12 421 26 40

Jaroslaw Koziara

Artist, Graphic Designer

Born – January 30, 1967 in Jędrzejów, Poland.


1990-1993 – Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw – Master’s Degree in Graphic Design (poster studio of Prof. M. Urbaniec)

1987-1990 – University of Maria Curie Sklodowska in Lublin, Major in Art Appreciation.

1982-1986 – High School Diploma, Technical School of Beekeeping in Pszczela Wola.

Artistic Accomplishments:

2010 to present, Lecturer, Graphic Design and Serigraph, University of Maria Curie Sklodowska. I received many awards and nominations for my graphic design and serigraph work.

2009-2010, Lecturer, Postgraduate Studies in Industrial Design, Technical University of Lublin.

2010 to present, I have served as an artistic director and founder of the International Landart Festival. I have created many Landarts (monumental land plowing paintings).

2001 to present, Scenographer, Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Concert, Jurek Owsiak, founder.

Awards and nominations:

1995, Teleexperss Award, event of the year, a concert at the Quarries in Kazimierz Dolny.

1996, Idea 96, third prize for the design of the album Voo Voo “Rapatapatoja”, Toruń.

2005, First in Newsweek ranking, interior design, Baraka pub, Krakow.

2012, Nominated for the Golden Mask Award, scenography for the play “Thumbelina”, Banialuka Theatre in Bielsko-Biala.

2013, Ambassador of the East, organization of the Landart Festival, Kraina Bugu magazine.

Artistic statement:

Since my graduation from Academy of Fine Arts I have worked as an independent artist, accepting freelance commissions. This work is the sole source of my income. My work ranges from large projects, like scenography for theatre and concerts, and interior design for clubs, to small projects like book and cd covers, and logos.

I have a great technical expertise in building and designing scenography and have created scenography sets for diverse clients, ranging from the Puppet Theater to the Grand Theatre in Warsaw, and including monumental stages for outdoor concerts, television studios and large outdoor events. I am particularly in demand for design work for music bands like Morecheeba, Tricky, Jimi Tenor, Metthew Herbert, Ayo and hundreds of others. I created vivid graphic and stage design for the popular Polish band Voo Voo.

In addition, I have completed numerous graphic designs for CD albums and book covers, posters, logos, as well as the entire visual identification system of a band. I have organized dozens of happenings, performances, and exhibitions in galleries and public spaces in Poland, France, Belgium, Germany, Ukraine and Czechoslovakia.

I am an experienced interior designer, creating inviting spaces for many clients, including Stodola Club in Warsaw, Club Baraka in Krakow and Graffiti Club in Lublin. I also have collaborated with many cultural institutions. In Lublin alone, as a scenographer and designer, I have worked with NN Theatre, Cultural Centre, the City Hall, the Marshal’s Office, Provisorium Theatre, Stage Invitro, Hans Christian Andersen Theatre, Culture Workshops, Regional Centre of Culture, Youth Cultural Center, “Kont” Gallery, Lublin Society for the Encouragement of Arts and White Gallery.

As part of my artistic mission, I donate my time and expertise, conducting art workshops for children and disabled people.