Edycja 2021


On Thursday, 30th May, at 6 PM, the TXT + EXPERIMENT exhibition was opened, presenting typographic posters of artists from China, the United States, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Poland. Invitation to the exhibition was accepted by distinguished poster artists: Stefan Sagmeister, Alex Egner, Deimion "Peim" van der Sloot, Studio SUPERO, Agnieszka Popek-Banach & Kamil Banach, Peter Javorik, Jacek WIerzchoś, Li Xu, Lan Xin Cheng, Wang Chen, Fong Man Wai, Dirco, Chang Fang Bang, Wei-Che Sun, Bob Lee, Shi Qi Xin, Cao Fang, Gu Lei, Nikodem Pręgowski, Lech Mazurek, Sebastian Smit.  

Typography is art – states Wolfgang Weingart, a brilliant graphic designer. Analyzing his posters and typographic art, we may say that this is a sincere claim, based on experience and many years of practice. Inspirations taken from nature and used to create literary compositions, resulted in excellent graphic design works.The exhibition titled TXT + EXPERIMENT will present works of artists for whom the alphabet is the foundation of their compositions.  An exhibition is an event accompanying the International Poster Biennale Lublin IPBL 2019.